https://localhost:1158/em untrusted connection in firefox

As salamo alaikum wa rahmatullah,

When I try to connect with Firefox after installing the Oracle 11g in my laptop, firefox generated exception for untrusted connection, Hereunder is solution is solution,

Please follow up the steps

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Untrusted Oracle Enterprise Manager and Firefox 3

 While installing a VM of Windows XP and Oracle 11g, I found that Firefox 3.0 doesn’t trust the Oracle Enterprise Manager certificate.
This is the alert box you get after the install at http://localhost:1158/em:

You can grant a security exception to the browswer. Here are the steps:
1. Dismiss the dialog box, then click the hyperlink “Or you can add an exception…” in the web page.

2. Click the “Add Exception …:” button.

3. Click the “Get Certificate …” button.

4. Confirm the “Create Security Exception” button.

You’re done. So was I, a bit annoying really … a lot like Microsoft Vista – allow or deny.

Hope it helps you guys.

Thanks and Regards
Mohammad Shahanwaz
oracle’s passion


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